FEED INDIA aims to channel freshly cooked healthy food to the underserved communities across India

I have donated but haven’t received a receipt for it.
Thank you for making a contribution. We’re sorry that you haven’t received your 80G certificates (tax receipts). Please write to us at support@feedindia.org.in with your donation ID and we will get back to you at the earliest.
How are you using my donation?
All donations are used to serve freshly cooked meals or provide daily ration essentials (whatever you have opted for) to the underprivileged.
What meals are being served?
We prepare freshly cooked, easy to consumer wholesome Indian meals three times a day.
I have excess food/raw materials that I would like to donate.
We would love that! Please write to us at support@feedindia.org.in and we will channel thsi to the right people.
How can we partner with you?
You can support us by contributing funds, donating food supplies or simply help us spread more awareness about FEED INDIA. You could do this through marketing or employee engagement activities. Please fill the form here and our team would be happy to get in touch with you.